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What are Cloud native apps?

Cloud native apps are built using technologies that leverage the full potential of the cloud, deployed and managed in the cloud. Cloud native apps are loosely coupled services that are small and independent. They are auto deployed and scale automatically based on the load. The four important tenets in building cloud native apps are: Microservices, Containers, DevOps and Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD)

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Understanding Dockers and Containers

Dockers and containers are the building blocks for Cloud native development. Docker enables developers to build, run and ship applications that can be virtually run on any Operating System (OS). A running instance of a docker is called Container. In this article we will discuss about hardware and OS Virtualization, how docker works, docker workflow and commands to create and run docker.

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Mangampeta waterfalls near Kurnool

Mangampeta waterfalls is a good and beautiful weekend destination from Hyderabad. It is around 305 KM from Hyderabad and it will take 5 hrs to reach there. You can blindly follow Google maps to reach there. The road from Banaganapally to Mangampeta waterfalls is not good. It's a walk way for bikes and carts used by the tribal villages. So, be careful while driving your vehicle.

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Sentiment Analysis using Python Vader

Sentiment analysis is a process of determining whether the given emotion (text) is postivie, negative or neutral. Sentiment Analysis is useful in identifying customers emotions for a service or product. In this article we will perform sentiment analysis on restaurant reviews. VADER(Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner) is a lexicon and rule-based sentiment analysis tool that is specifically attuned to sentiments expressed in social media. VADER is built on Python.

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It's Easy to Build RPC Server in Python

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call. With RPC we can build lot of test automation tools. In this post we will learn how to build a RPC server using Python.

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