Extract JPG From RAW or NEF File Using Exiftool

If you are using a DSLR, you definitely know about RAW format. In DSLRs we have an option to save the image in JPEG or RAW format or both (with takes more space in the memory card). The advantage of RAW format is, it is uncompressed and stores more details related to the image captured. RAW format help photogtaphers to correct the images using post processing tools, like, Adobe Lightroom, Raw Therapee, Darktable etc. But I am not a professional photographer but a hobbyist. Though I store images in RAW format, thinking that in future I do post processing, I want them to convert it to JPEG and share it in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc and photo blogs like viewbug. I was looking for a command line tool to simply convert my RAW files to JPEG.