How to scrape Google reviews using Python

This post explains how to scrape Google reviews using Python. We use two popular Python packages extensively used for scraping, BeautifulSoup and Splinter. Though the process or the code snippets can be used to scrape reviews for any business listed in Google, but I am more interested in scraping reviews for restaurants in US.

Effective Web Scraping with Python

Web scraping is a process of automatically extracting information from websites. Web scrapers are small programs written to crawl and extract specific information from a webpage. For example, getting latest news items from news websites like BBC, CNN etc.

Proven way to Fake Webcam in Test Automation with Python

We automate web application testing using Python Selenium or Splinter. How will you automate testing applications with webcam? You can fake a webcam device with Chrome Web driver. In this article we will see how to do that.