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Scrape web content with 2 Popular Python packages

Scrape web content with Python's extensive library of tools. Extract data from web to power your analytics algorithms. In this post we will discuss about Beautifulsoup and Splinter

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Python Splinter to Kickstart your Web Automation Testing

Python Splinter is new and have an easy to use API compared to Selenium. Python Splinter can also be used to scrape web content.

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Proven way to Fake Webcam in Test Automation with Python

To test web application with webcam we need to fake webcam with a video. We can use Chrome webdriver settings with Python Selenium or Splinter to do that.

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Github Files as Gists in webpage

It's common to embed code snippets in blogs or personal websites. Adding code snippets from project source code as gists is a painful and double effort. Why not embed the Github project source file itself into a webpage? Yes, you can do that using Gistify.

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Reading CSV File in Python

When it comes to data processing, Python comes first. The complex task in data processing is creating structured data called data lake from various sources like files, databases, logs, audio, video etc. Python comes with common file processing packages as part of its distribution. In this article we will use `csv` and `pandas` packages to read CSV files.

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