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Including Github Gists into a webpage is a common practice. But sometimes I would like to add a source file from one of my repos (public repos) into the webpage instead of splitting the file into multiple gists.

I write technical blogs which involve lots of code to be shown and explained as you are reading now. I want to embed any source file from my public Github repo into my webpage or my blog. It will be nice if I can specify which lines of the source file I want to display.

So, I wrote a simple web application using Python Flask and deployed at which will perform the desired task. The complete source code of the application is available in my Github. The application performs the following tasks:

Embed the complete source file

Just embed the URL of the source file to For example, to embed, you have to append the Github file URL to,

Embed few lines of the source code

Add line numbers, or range of line numbers to embed along with the Github file url. Only thing to remember here is to add a /l/ between the url and the line numbers. For example, to embed, 1 and 2 lines, you have to create URL like this,,2

You can provide range as well and both. For example, to embed, 1,2 and 6-8 you have to create the URL like this,,2,5-8

How to include gistify in your webpage

You have to create a div and some JavaScript code to load the content.

If you have issues with the styling workout your CSS or disable some classes.

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