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Run Python Scraper as Google Cloud Function

Web scrapers run on a regular basis to extract information. Today every application irrespective of size is deployed on Cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. In this article we will see how to deploy our Ebay product scraper as Google cloud function.

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Effective Web Scraping with Python

Web scraping is a process of automatically extracting information from websites. Web scrapers are small programs written to crawl and extract specific information from a webpage. For example, getting latest news items from news websites like BBC, CNN etc.

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Reading and Writing WAV files with compression in Python using Pywav

Testing voice applications involve handling RTP streams. Most of the IVR applications use PCMA/PCMU codecs to stream voice over RTP. PyWav is a Python library which helps you to convert those RAW streams with PCMU/PCMA encodings into a WAV file.

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Sentiment Analysis using Python Vader

Sentiment analysis is a process of determining whether the given emotion (text) is postivie, negative or neutral. Sentiment Analysis is useful in identifying customers emotions for a service or product. In this article we will perform sentiment analysis on restaurant reviews.

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Proven way to Fake Webcam in Test Automation with Python

We automate web application testing using Python Selenium or Splinter. How will you automate testing applications with webcam? You can fake a webcam device with Chrome Web driver. In this article we will see how to do that.

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