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Unlock Quality Insights with Great Expectations Python Library

Poor data quality can be a major issue for businesses, resulting in costly errors and incorrect decisions being made. To avoid these problems, it is important to take steps to ensure the quality of data being used.

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Deploy Python FastAPI Service on Kubernetes MiniKube

In this article we will build a Python FastAPI application with a single API which will return the sentiment (Postivie, Negative or Neutral) of the text given as input using Vader Sentiment Analysis.

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How to scrape Google reviews using Python

This post explains how to scrape Google reviews using Python. We use two popular Python packages extensively used for scraping, BeautifulSoup and Splinter. Though the process or the code snippets can be used to scrape reviews for any business listed in Google, but I am more interested in scraping reviews for restaurants in US.

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Run Python Scraper as Google Cloud Function

Web scrapers run on a regular basis to extract information. Today every application irrespective of size is deployed on Cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. In this article we will see how to deploy our Ebay product scraper as Google cloud function.

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