I have 14+ years of experience in developing software. Currently I am working as a Senior Software Architect @ Mobigesture in Hyderabad, India.

I worked on projects across multiple domains including BFSI, Digital Marketing, Semiconductor, Contact center, Hospitality and Networks. I have experience in delivering complex enterprise projects within timelines working with project stakeholders.

I am passionate about learning new technologies and tools, ability to grasp new technologies quickly. Consistently offered high quality deliveries from development facility resulting in client satisfaction.

I recommend the usage of Opensource technologies to my clients and use the same in my personal projects as well. I handle client interactions and provide technology recommendations for their requirements.

I am a Technocrat communicator, team player with excellent interpersonal skills. I am responsible for technical recruitment, team mentoring, stakeholders and escalation management.

Apart from work, I love photography, travelling and cooking.

Core Strengths

  • Building Microservices with Cloud native programmaing languages like Python, Java and Go.
  • Leveraging latest cloud technologies to create faster, scalable and fail proof applications - Dockers, Containers, Kubernetes etc.
  • Managing projects with lean process overhead. Create customized process workflows based on the type of the project and client.
  • Bringing automation in every phase of development, from coding to deployment.
  • Adapting DevOps culture with in the team for continuous delivery - Automated builds, continuous deployment with dockers
  • Providing migration support for clients in their cloud transformation.


  • Programming languages - C/C++, Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS
  • Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Cloud technologies - AWS and GCP
  • Web Frameworks - Python Flask, Django, FastAPI, Sanic, Go (net/http)
  • Messaging Frameworks - RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Redis, IronMQ
  • Testing Frameworks - Pytest, Locust, JMeter
  • Automation - Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Apache Airflow
  • Web Crawling - Scrapy, Crawlera, BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Splinter
  • Data Analytics - Sentiment analysis with Vader, Spacy, NLTK, Pandas, Sklearn, NumPy

Thank You for reading!