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I am currently working as a Senior Software Architect at Mobigesture, in Hyderabad, India. I have around 14+ years of experience in developing software.

I am responsible for converting the clients business requirements into working solutions and deliver them with utmost quality. Apart from that I will add value by helping my clients technically in achieving their future goals according to their business roadmap.


I am a good cook, a frequent traveller and a hobbyist photographer. I love baking and grilling very much and I am good at it. I am not a great photographer but love to share my photos with the World. You can see my profile at viewbug.com.

Technical Skills

My work demands me to update regularly in various aspects of Technology. I love to explore new tools, languages, domains etc. Currently I am working on Machine Learning and IoT. I am a good programmer and even today I do it. I use different flavors of Linux in my work, which includes, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS etc with different Desktop environments. I love to program in C/C++/Python and Java. In my website you will see a lot of articles around my technical skills and hobbies.